Fruit Models

Crypt2 Fruit Models

60,000 unique collectable fruit models with proof of ownership stored on the blockchain. The project is the first of its kind to fuse NFT with a psychical fashion house. The Crypt2 Fruit Models are one of the first examples of a "Non-Fungible Token" on Ethereum to allow collecters to unlock exclusive benefits, offers and discounts via the Crypt2 online store.



Presale. There will be a presale open to the early community memebers and belivers. There will be 2000 available for presale.

  • 0%

    Manufacturing of clothing items has begun!

    Discuss product items to be released and recommended via Crypt2's private discord channel.

  • 10%

    2000 Crypt2's will be airdropped to claimers via Zloadr NFT Wallet.

  • 20%

    We will ramp up our discord and social media managment.

    We will hire additional full-time team members to help manage and grow the community

  • 80%

    The Community wallet is opened!.

    Crypt2 will use the community wallet to fund buybacks and community development projects to ensure sustainability.

  • 100%

    Worldwide locations!

    We will open physical locations worldwide where Crypt2 owners can pop into stores and pick up new items at discounted rates, attend carefully crafted entertainment events and snack at Crypt2 cafes.


  • How will Crypt 2 be Launched?
    Join Twitter for updates. All Crypt 2 will be made
  • What are crypt2?
    Crypt2 are 60,000 model NFTs of different fruits. All properties & traits are randomized. Each Crypt2 is completely unique.
  • How much does each Crypt2 cost?
    Each Crypt2 will be minted at 150 ZDR on minting day!
  • What is ZDR?
    ZDR is the utility cryptocurrency of NFT Wallet "Zloadr" - Visit Coinmarketcap to learn more
  • What are Crypt2 made of?
    Crypt2 are programmatically generated base on tons of different assets such as fruits, head, mouth, nose, eyes, accessories all together, branded Crypt2 clothing and more.
  • What is the smart Contract Address for Crypt2?
    This will be launched on Twitter on the date of the release.
  • How can I contact the Crypt2 team
    We are extremely acive on Twitter and happy to help!